Resident Evil 4 HD Achievements Leaked

All achievements for the Xbox 360 title, Resident Evil 4 HD have been leaked online.

There are 12 total achievements that can be achieved, adding to 1000 achievement points. And looking at all 12 achievements, it looks like most of them can be acquired just by playing through the campaign. But to receive all achievement points, be prepared to beat the game on its hardest difficulty, acquire all bottle caps and unlock all costumes. Take a look:

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RedDead2623d ago

Shit list, basically finish the game

BubbleSniper2623d ago

isn't it awesome? "the achievements that earn themselves"

I give crapcom a lovely fanfare and a mighty golfclap to go with it.

user8586212623d ago

didn't know XBLA games can now have 1000 gamerscore

pneboy2623d ago

the 2 REHD games are games on demand because they are 4gb and the xbla requirement is 2gb max

montyburns0002623d ago

this is an odd one, i think the game is a retail disc in japan but only a XBLA title in NA.

and it might not be a XBLA title anymore just simply a games on demand title.

solidsnake2222623d ago

Only 12? That can't be full.

TheROsingleB2623d ago

Wow pretty unimpressed by a mere 12 achievements for a full retail game.
They really could have been creative and spread this list out a lot more with side-achievements, like using certain weapons and killing "x" number of dudes, or types of dudes and things of that nature. Lazy shoe-horned in gamerscore points :\

Alos882623d ago

Wow, that list sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.