Xbox Live: GTA ‘themed’ Deal Of The Week July 19th – July 25th

"It’s a Grand Theft Auto themed DoTW, and here is what is on offer:

GTA IV: Ballad Of Gay Tony – 800MSP
GTA IV: The Lost & Damned – 400MSP
GTA San Andreas – 800MSP"

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thebudgetgamer2473d ago

paying for themes is silly.

ExitToExisT2473d ago

i hope u are trolling.

these are not theme prices.

thebudgetgamer2473d ago

i jumped the gun, sorry about that.

BlmThug2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Great Deal. Might Just Pick Up TBoGT

scotchmouth2467d ago

If you haven't you definitely should. It's a good change of pace story wise compared to IV. It's more lighthearted I would say and comes across more vibrant then the murky IV.

thedriffter502473d ago

Already have San Andreas on my 360 HDD. Nice to have one of the best games ever whenever I want to play it.