Driver: San Francisco - First Real PS3 HD Screenshots

Check out some first real PS3 screenshots of Driver: San Francisco.

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AhmadCentral2681d ago

I wish they'd return to the original Driver style where you could step out of the car and walk around. If they spent some time creating active environments outside the car that the player can interact with then this game could be as big as GTA like it was with the first and second games.

Deputydon2681d ago

You couldn't get out of the car in the original driver.

It was strictly a get from point A - Point B within this time type of game.

Driver 2 you could get out of the car, but only to switch vehicles. There were no guns.

Driver 3 had guns. I actually enjoyed it, the framerate sucked, and it lagged alot. But I thought it was a more serious version of GTA and quite enjoyed.

Driver: Parallel Lines was pretty much the same thing as Driver 3 but half in the 70's and half in the 90's.

Pintheshadows2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

The original Driver was my favourite game on PS1. Damn it was challenging as well.

And I agree with you about 3. It was a flawed masterpiece. I liked it though. Still have it.

AhmadCentral2681d ago

Sorry, i meant the second and third driver (Dri3er, i think it was called( where you could exit the vehicle. The first driver wasn't a hit with me.