Head to Head: Are There Too Many First Person Shooters?

Over the last decade, first person shooters have taken control of the video game industry. While some genres beg for publicity, you can guarantee the newest shooter on the market will be all the rage (speaking of, it releases this October).

But are there too many? Has our lust for first person shooters created an industry that sees a quick way to make a buck? Features writer, Neil Fleet and editor Alex Martin go to head to head to answer the question: Are there too many first person shooters?

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Tuxmask552707d ago

Goodness, yes there are.

Dart892707d ago

Yes and that's why this generation isn't as good as yester years to many damn shooters.

Pikajew2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

when ever we get a new FPS people hype it and than complain there are to many FPS

riksweeney2707d ago

The worst bit is that they're all exactly the same as each other and people still get excited about them.

Yes, the graphics may look lovely but it's not exactly doing anything new is it? The only FPS* I'm playing this year is Portal 2.

*Not exactly an FPS, but it is played from a first person perspective.

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