A Very Early Attempt at Timing the Wii U/ PS4 / X720 Launches

VGChartz: 'New consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are coming fairly soon. No one knows just when, but there are a couple market realities that suggest sooner rather than later, and the last time I attempted launch timing (with 3DS) I did get a fair number of the main points right.'

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DarkCharizard_2478d ago

Good article! I know many of u won;t agree here, but their predictions are:

Nintendo: July-October 2012
Sony: October 2013
Microsoft: November 2012

They make some good points, considering they're VGChartz :P

Szarky2477d ago

I would love to have a PS4 end of 2012 but I could see the 2013 timeframe being more realistic.

I would have thought Sony would try to beat or at least match Microsoft next time around for a console release. A year head start is pretty big.

matey2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

The WiiU has got a proper Hardrive a HCSD expansion,4 usb ports,external hardrive,25gig/50gigdiscs,open online,no friend codes,individual accounts,video chat,voice chat,Tablet controls.

custom Power7 cpu 4 cores 3.6ghz
custom Radeon HD gpu based off HD 7000 at 900mhz AMD have more a less confirmed this by saying there most current up to date graphics.

PS4 will have same spec as ps3 and will be a casual console aimed at women end of ps3 will get more hardcore games it will be out next year.

jacen1002477d ago

wii u i predict june july, the reports said after april and could be first quarter