Top 10 Game Console Design Failures

A run-down of the world's biggest console design failures, featuring not only some of the most infamous failed consoles, but the add-ons and peripherals that jeopardised the reputations of some of gaming's biggest success stories.

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Ahasverus2711d ago

Some people don't get tired of beating a dead horse


There is one that still not fixed at all.

zinkabassy2711d ago

Any gamer who defends MS after this :

This is much worse than their lack of games,..

I really don't even know what to say to you 360 guys anymore,.. Just go out and buy a real system,..

Ahasverus2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

@Zinka: There's a reason why people still play 360 right? I'm perfectly fine with it, as well as the millions of people that stil buy games for it, I don't know what are you refering to with a "real system" O.o It's pretty real what I play on my 360

Cerberus292711d ago

Yeah, I have a 360 and a PS3 and consider them both "real" systems. I also have a wii, but that's my "imaginary" system lol

M_Prime2711d ago

Love my XBOX.. check my gamertag.. and my RAPTR..

and i have had my xbox for a number of years with no issues..


How can PS3 fans even talk after nearly being hacked to death lol! They were silent for a whole month LMAO!

ASSASSYN 36o2711d ago

A hack that more likely would not have happened if the ps3 wasn't able to dump and revert its firmware to and older version. The Xbox 360 had some serious heat issues but microsoft installed a physical fail safe which blew a fuze when an attempt to reverse a firmware update occurred. Once triggered the console was dead. If the ps3 had that, then the biggest hack in gaming history might not have happened. But then again it's encryption keys were in the open.

steve30x2710d ago

@ CyberHater : The hack happened because Sony got too enthusiastic with hunting down hackers. They also got non hackers accounts too.


@steve30x: Microsoft gets attacked all the time whats Sony's excuse? And the last time I checked (today)the PSN account manager is still under construction :) So don't give me that Sony is holy crap.

SLLCKGT2711d ago

I find it funny how you put current gen instead just the 360. Real slick there xbot.

spektical2711d ago

360 with 52% failure rate has to take this with ease.
ps2 in the first couple of years was also a defective device

dazreah2711d ago

Well it would do if it had a 52% failure rate!

Eiffel2711d ago

The dreaded "Disc Read Error" I remember when my neighbors PS2 had that, came over to play some SA...and then none of his games would read. Profanity followed.

kma2k2711d ago

The disc read error didnt end with the ps2 its a very commun problem with cechg model ps3's which mine was & yup the damn lens died on mine

Cerberus292711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Oh yeah... I forgot about the ps2 disc read error, I had to buy a whole new ps2 when mine did it. There was much profanity in my house too, especially for a couple of thirteen year olds

MOTY2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

1. Using stats that were conducted using a sample base of ONLY 5000 console owners where there is ZERO proof that each voter was an actual 360 owner by Game Informer is pathetic at best. However I have no gripe with the 360 being on the list as it did have a high failure rate which was stated to be 33.33% by MS themselves.

2. PS1 AND PS2 had HUGE issues and should both be on that list. I remember having to turn each of my 3 PS1's upside down just to read the disc and play the game. Each PS1 died just after the 1 year mark and the warranty on each of them was only a 90 day warranty on each.

M_Prime2711d ago

i remember that with my PS1 and the 90 warranty kinda made me wonder..

i first had to have it on its side.. and then i had to have it upside down.

the worst was once my memory card got 'corrupted' and i lost all my data!

InfiniteJustice2711d ago

Overheating has been a real problem this gen for both PS3 and 360. Next gen consoles need a better cooling system

Snowii2711d ago

it has been solved with the slim editions

firemassacre2711d ago

my friend bought a slim and he didnt even get to play it. it came red ringed.

i bought a used 360 and the same happened, i returned it and bought a new one, the new once scratched my disks, i returned it and bought a ps3.

no problems since 2006.

kma2k2711d ago

actually the cooling system didnt really change on the slims smaller nm chips were used making the system run cooler. But he is right the non slim next gen do need to have overheting looked at more carefully

Persistantthug2711d ago

But that doesn't excuse the current 40 million XBOX 360's that are still breaking left and right.

They didn't just magically up and disappear.

Risky_242711d ago

Interesting, apparently your friend bought a 360S that red ringed without the ring of light.

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SweatyFlorida2711d ago

I can't say for 360 but PS3 slims definitely fixed the heating problem. Though with more power in next gen consoles they will need a slightly better cooling system then now I would guess

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