Steve Fox enters the arena in new Street Fighter X Tekken trailer

A new video posted by Capcom teases a new reveal that could be Steve Fox.

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Dart892470d ago

They better include Fei-Long in this.

BubbleSniper2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I'm not interested in this. I am more interested in the reverse game Tekken X Stree Fighter

the art direction that street fighter has taken looks like a theoretical van gogh painting titled "vomit and diarrhea"

MaideninBlack2470d ago

Noooo! I hate Steve Fox...

stevenhiggster2470d ago

No way! Steve Fox is awesome, one of my favorite characters.

Fishy Fingers2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Kind of expected gameplay with that headline. Kind of expected it to be at least confirmed :/

maniacmayhem2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Alex and Elena from 3rd Impact would fit perfectly with the Tekken crew. Make it happen Capcom.

By the way, that was the weakest teaser trailer ever.

pain777pas2470d ago

Those 2 are a must and I add Hugo and R. Mika.

TheRichterBelmont2470d ago

Ugh. Enough with the newbies. Give us Lei and Lee already!

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