Battlefield 3 'Blows Away Bad Company 2' Visually On Consoles

DICE Devs of Battlefield 3, say that the graphics on consoles blow away those of Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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Dart892709d ago

I keep getting an error when i try to open it?

Hanif-8762709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Its quite obvious that the PS3 footage that was shown looked significantly better than BF:BC2. The only thing some retards were upset about is that it didn't look like the PC version which currently blows everything away.

awi59512708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Only stupid console fanboys would think BF3 would look the same on consoles lol. Their graphics cards are made by the same companies thats running the pc version. The diffrence is these companies have moved on to better tech in their GPU's years ago. Fanboy logic is really stupid these companies put their current tech into the consoles yes, but that doesnt mean they sat still for 6 years.

Why would anyone think these companies that are always pumping out the lasted and greatest GPU's every 6 months. Could have anywhere near the same performance of their cards 6 years ago. Fanboys are so silly.

Thats like a pc gamer saying "why cant i max this game on my 6 year old graphics card? This game sucks in not buying" lol. Thats how silly the console fanboys are.

Inside_out2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

The only people that thought Bad Company 2 had great graphics were the fanboys and Dice. No surprise that now the graphics suck and are garbage compared to the incredible improved 720p 30 fps Battlefield 3 footage...0_o. I have a question, why don't these geniuses show all the previous game play trailers on consoles???...hmmm...I think we all know the answer to that, don't

Dice just keeps digging that hole. The beta will settle this once and for won't be pretty.

Poor Dice, I can hear them now..." it's no worse than Bad Company " :/

Nicaragua2709d ago

Thats nice dear, now run along and try not to say anything else stupid.

Septic2709d ago

Can we ban this guy? He is just an eye-sore on this site.

My eyes bleed when I come across his posts.

Holeran2709d ago

@Nicaragua I don't know for sure how everything will look when the smoke clears but that comment was damn funny anyways.

wordthrower2709d ago

It really is a shame that you're such a bad poster that you're limited to one bubble, it deprives everyone the opportunity to see you burst into even wilder hysterics should you feel obligated to defend your malnourished opinions. Come on guys, bubble him up, we're missing out on some real comedy here.

Rage_S902709d ago

i marked this post as funny

awi59512708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Console bad company 2 had alot of particle effects and destruction no other game on consoles had at that time. That game isnt ugly by any means they have alot going on that people dont notice while playing. People keep letting these linear games with no real open spaces have the graphics king award. Its easy to have great graphics when you have zero draw distance and your character has to follow a small narrow path. Take the last FF game for instance.

Put those game engines in a open world where the player can go to any place they see and these engines fall apart fast. The quake games look great for their time but when anyone tried to make a adventure game or open world game it fell apart. Bad textures everywhere and the game looked like crap. Without that corridor nature some engines just suck.

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fluffydelusions2709d ago

Good to know. The PS3 footage definitely looked better than BC2 IMO.

StanLee2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

That's bullocks and you know it! How can you even tell without direct feed footage? That's been my biggest problem with the hoopla surrounding the console versions of BF3. Why hasn't DICE just released direct feed footage of the game running on consoles? Simple solution. I'm tired of this to be honest. Id has with Rage and backed up all the talk. DICE's just be talking. Time to show and prove or shut the hell up!

Washington-Capitals2709d ago

Technically and visually, the game is by far the best first person shooter game on consoles.

user8586212709d ago

Best online fps ryt here!

consolez_FTW2709d ago

yeah, BF3 for consoles is still looking like a a really great game. Better than BC2, and BC2 was a good looking game. Can't wait for this. Day 1!

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