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blumatt2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Where are my Versus 13 screenshots? lol That's what everyone really cares about.

BubbleSniper2561d ago


and these screens are not new.

iamtehpwn2561d ago

Can we have one Square Enix thread where someone doesn't begin it by ranting about Versus XIII?

Hicken2561d ago

Agreed. If they want info on Vs, they can find the articles that talk about the recent info dropped in Famitsu.

If you're not interested in XIII-2, shut up and go elsewhere.

Cereal2561d ago

No. YOU shut up and go elsewhere, man.

Troll-without-Bridge2560d ago

Fantastic shots. If you are not a FF fan, and just like versus get the fuck out.