Capcom making at least four Vita games - one launch title, another based off popular IP in Japan

Capcom says that are making at least four Vita games, one of which is a launch title. David Reeves teases that fans can guess what another game is "considering the success in Japan."

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sinncross2591d ago

The PSP Resident Evil title is probably a Vita title now: but I do hope the launch title is not just a port of RE: mercs.

Either way, I guess we will find out the remaining 3 titles (not counting SFxT) at TGS!

limewax2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Been wanting a HD Monster Hunter for ages anyway. They better deliver something for PS3/360/Wii U at some point too. Thought I doubt it would go to 360 really.

Its not as if Fans haven't been asking long enough

shayol33t2591d ago

I love the Monster Hunter series and am definitely buying this one with the Vita and Golden Abyss

pain777pas2591d ago


Rynx2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

This is going to be their list. Capcom is so predictable.


Street Fighter x Tekken or Monster Hunter

the other three games in no particular order will be

2)New iteration of Street Fighter 4 (that will release along side the console versions)

3)Monster Hunter (mainly for their jpn fanbase)or Street Fighter x Tekken

4)Resident Evil

BubbleSniper2591d ago

while I hope that's true, I'd rather see a Dragon Quest game from SE on the Vita.

MaxXAttaxX2591d ago

Street Fighter x Tekken
Monster Hunter
Resident Evil
Street Fighter 4(?)

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Dart892591d ago

How about a new Onimusha if not on the PS3 how about the damn ps vita it's been awhile??

Cloudberry2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

"...There will be one launch title for Vita. I am not actually sure if it’s been mentioned, so I am not going to, but there will be a launch title for the platform. And then we will do Street Fighter vs Tekken, and at least two others. I am sure you can guess what one of them has to be, considering the success in Japan."


So Street Fighter vs Tekken is not CAPCOM's Vita launch game?

I'm guessing that one of the title based off popular IP in Japan is the monstrous Monster Hunter Vita; either is a new Monster Hunter or the official English version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd + 2nd analog camera stick...

I just want a new Breath Of Fire / JRPG; for Vita is okay, so it doesn't has to be an HD game...

But, ehhh...

The chances of one of the other 3 games is new BoF is very slim, unfortunately.

consolez_FTW2591d ago

I'm really glad PSPVita is getting all this support from all different devs. That just makes it that much more of a great handheld. Man, it seems the Game industry really loves the Vita.

shayol33t2591d ago

I mean how can you not? Its like a tiny handheld ps3.

Also, developers love power and this handheld seems to have it in bucket loads.

VampiricDragon2591d ago

Capcom always supports handhelds. They love them

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