This Historical First-Person Shooter is an Iranian National Treasure

Kotaku - In the mid 1700's an Arab Amir took on the military might of Dutch colonials occupying Iran's Kharg Island, capturing their fort and liberating the southern Iranian cities from colonial rule. This Amir, called Mir Mahna, is an Iranian national hero.

And now he's a video game hero as well.

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Calm Down Sunshine2347d ago

Doesn't actually look that bad.. Reminds me of Call of Juarez.

NewMonday2347d ago

funny thing from the trailer, the hostage situation is usually the other way around in western games

the game looks better than i expected.

wenaldy2346d ago

I have PC too (PS3 + PC combo).. Problem?

NewMonday2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )


super duper ultra max combo :p

Oldman1002346d ago

Epic Jesus thumbnail ftw.