Uncharted 3 beta extended - It's a Gaming World

It's a Gaming World reports the Uncharted 3 beta has been extended. Find out when the beta will officially go offline now.

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Fobia2631d ago

Wo! Best News Of The Week! I can play some more of this awesome game

montyburns0002631d ago

good, it needs more testing. i have had more soft resets than games played.

rew1822630d ago

I had a ton with this game early but it hasn't froze on me in like 3 days. I agree more testing is awesome.

solidsnake2222631d ago

Great news, a little less time without uncharted 3 as we wait for the full game.

Septic2630d ago

The new map is brilliant.

rew1822630d ago

It's a sniper's haven; however, Uncharted really balances out sniping since you can just lob a grenade up in that beast and blow them up. Love that about the Beta.