Writer's Strike: Will it Affect Videogames?

Though your favorite shows are likely doomed to reruns within a few short weeks due to the Writer's Guild strike, when TV and movies abandon you, games will be there to fill the void.

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TruthbeTold4058d ago

...this can only mean good news for the gaming industry. Should be an incredible holiday season for all of our favorite gaming machines. We Americans are going to be entertained one way or another. :D

Loopy4058d ago

Video game stories don't exactly contend for the Pulitzer's prize.

Actually, they may contend for the Puker's prize, where the most innovative video game stories will make you put so much it is bad.
Even a 5 year old can make a video game story.

No, I rectify, even a 2 year old can...

TruthbeTold4058d ago

Perhaps such awards will cause writers to be more competitive amongst themselves and help up the quality. In any case, televisions loss is Gaming's gain.

Cat4058d ago

Interestingly, the Writers Guild recently announced an award for video game writing (

xionpunk4058d ago

I hardly watch TV anymore. The only things I watch are CNN,The Colbert Report, and sometimes family guy or southpark.

dork07834058d ago

i only watch those last three shows you said xionpunk but i was thinking is this gonna effect south park i hope not.

TruthbeTold4058d ago

Southpark is written by it's own creators. They sign their own paychecks pretty much when they sell their product to Comedy Central, so I believe that it should play on uninterrupted.