Will PES Ever Beat FIFA Again?

Another disappointing trailer says “no”…

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RedDead2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

When did it beat FIFA?

@ Dave, ah right, I only have pes 08 and a demo for 2011(HATE 11 with a passion)

DarkCharizard_2564d ago

Who cares? I hardly play sports games, and if I want to play a football video game i'll pick the best one up, whether its fifa or pes.


@DarkCharizard_ If u dont care y did u comment :/

DarkCharizard_2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Lol, at least I stated my opinion. Your comment on the other hand....


Again, when I want to play a soccer game, I'll play the best one. Whether that's PES or FIFA doesn't matter because they're almost completely the same :/

FlashXIII2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Actually no you didn't state your opinion on the article at all.. you made a statement completely unrelated to the article. "Who cares?" Isn't really what you'd call an opinionated response.

DaveX3602564d ago

Pretty much consistently until either 2007 or 2008, depending on your taste.

Nate-Dog2564d ago

Lol yeah because trailers always tell you everything about how a whole game is going to play. Not to mention how bad Konami are at hyping up PES games with trailers themselves anyway. As for the actual question, hard to know, PES2012 will tell since we'll be able to see if Konami have actually recitified the problems of 2011 and are still heading in the right direction, or not. If FIFA continues to stay the way it is (i.e. EA continue to be lazy and not change anything but kits and squads) then PES will catch up soon but I think despite what EA are saying they realise that PES is coming back into it again so they will have to up their game (which can only be a good thing for everyone).

Pintheshadows2564d ago

I just think that PES has had a massive fall from grace this gen. Master league is no longer what it used to be and FIFA is only pulling further ahead. PES 11 was a mess.

x5exotic2564d ago

Play real football retards

theonlylolking2564d ago

You did not need to call them retards for being a different type of violent. Football fans have their teams do the violence for them while in soccer the fans attack each other.

x5exotic2564d ago

football fans are no different from game-football fans, they are fat/drunk pieces of s****!!! just play football yourself with your friends for fun, and also sport, no need to go all world cup...but at least don't play it on damn TV!! and not just football, all sports video games suck

OcelotRigz2564d ago

@ x5exotic
You're right, playing sports games is stupid. I could just play as my favorite team in real-life!
Hell, i might as well load up the shotgun and start shooting my friends, first-person shooters are stupid too!
Also, i might as well just walk out to the street, pull someone out of there car and start running people over and look for stunt jumps around my town, GTA is so stupid!!

x5exotic2563d ago

anything you can't do in real life (cause it's impossible) like swinging blades of chaos and going Rage of the titans, devil trigger etc... and anything you shouldn't do(illegal) like street racing and killing people(would be fun actually) are okay to make games about..but sport games can be played in real life and guess what, it would actually be SPORT!
any1 who disagrees is a fat drunk lazy [stereotype] you guess the word xD

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The story is too old to be commented.