Does Final Fantasy Versus XIII's playable cutscenes mean Squre Enix may be listening to fans?

While it's not something that we have been clamoring for, the interactive cutscenes do show that Square Enix has heard some of the complaints of fans. Are they are trying to make it more interactive and engaging than the last outing or is this more of a "look at what we can do" moment?

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RedDead2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Obviously not, since Versus isn't even in "full production" yet, they don't even have a proper team making the game yet. This and KH3 are the games fans have been asking for yet S-E just don't focus on them. This isn't even close to being finish at all. 2013 I bet.

femshep2658d ago

what are you talking about its 80 if not 90% done there ironing out the kinks trying to make it the best, and the team that is making this made the first two kingdom hearts

the producer said just the other day he wants to make it the best, so good let them take there time

however, im not sure about playable cut scenes is really listening to fans, ive never heard an outcry for button mashing cut scenes in FF before

limewax2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Wow, I just agreed with femshep :/

On topic though yeah it surely has to be under production, Nomura at least previously had a team for it, And has stated in the past many different completion percentages one of which I remember being 60%. Its taking ages but you don't go six years in pre-production

@DaTruth Thats pretty crazy, After all this time and with all his previous statements you would have thought it was well into production. I feel like Nomura has trolled me lol. It must be at least another 2 years away then

DaTruth2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Last interview Nomura said: Final Fantasy vXIII is not yet in "full production yet"!

That is a quote from Nomura himself, so I guess this is what RedDead is referring to! You can't blame him for believing it!

tiffac2658d ago

Its true FFXIIIVs according to Nomura is not in full production yet and how can it be when its major developers are being put into other projects like FFXIV and such. I mean right now I feel like Wada wants FFXIIIVs to be the next Duke Nukem Forever of the East or something. ><

ksense2658d ago

I hopE "SQURE" ENIX does a better job.

WhiteLightning2658d ago

If they listened to the fans we would be onto a FF9 remake by now with FF7 and 8 finished and out at retail. We would get FF13 Versus as a main title FF release (FF15) which I'm hoping will still happen since it looks so good it dosen't deserve to be a spin off of that crap FF13. We wouldn't be getting a FF13-2 the team would of moved onto FF13 Versus team or even started a KH3 team.

...I could go on.

femshep2658d ago

i take it you didn't understand 13 so you got mad, there is this thing in it called datalog....if you actually are a FF fan you would take the time to read it then you would know what is going on

FFV13 takes place within the same era as 13 just like type-0 but you clearly don't understand thing

but leave it to trolls to not take the time to understand what goes on in a game

Pozzle2658d ago

If someone has trouble understanding the game because they didn't read the datalogs, that's not their fault. That's the game's fault.

IMO all the info needed to understand a game's plot should be in the game's plot itself. Not in large text boxes located within the menu.

Imagine playing through a game like (for example) Uncharted, but having to constantly check the menu updates to make sure you haven't missed a plotpoint.

WhiteLightning2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Thank you Pozzle but I have no idea what she's talking about. When the hell did I even mention the datalogs or anything else about what's in FF13. Femshep, your obviously making stuff up so you can defend the game, the hurtful truth though is that it's a crap game for a Final Fantasy title. I got half way through and didn't like it. The majoirty of people hate the game it's like a 70-30 (example percentage) thing with that very small percentage of people who actualy like it.

The way you've replied to my comments, plus the two bubbles you have AND the comments I've seen off you in the past makes me come to the conclusion that really your the troll.

"FFV13 takes place within the same era as 13 just like type-0 but you clearly don't understand thing"

This is a time when Square thought this "Fabula Nova Crystallis" series crap was actually going to work before FF13 came out (when they thought it was going to be a hit) didn't work out like that. They've even said themselfs that they don't even relate to each other in any way so I'm pretty sure that if they want to seperate them, they can. Although to be honest you'll read this comment and disagree with me anyway even if I am right because obviously your such a FF13 fan, being in that small percentage of people who actually liked it, and will not want to see anyone call your beloved game.

Trolls calling other people trolls, funniest thing ever :)

EDIT: If everyone wants to know Femshep has just messaged me calling me a "F*cking Troll", a "lazy gamer", that "people like me ruin in the game industry". Basicaly being really imature

Please people bubble the real troll down...

tiffac2658d ago

I agree, we shouldn't be checking the menu for plot points. For me it creates a kind of detachment to the whole story telling process of the game. The worse offender of this in most recent memory was 3rd Birthday on the PSP. (for me at least)

WhiteLightning2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

HEY Femshep

Just wanted to reply to that immature message you sent me. Don't want to stoop to your level but I can't let you think that you got the last say just because you blocked me. <typical troll>

You said

"well clearly your not a FF fan if you are to stupid to take the time to just want it straight to the point which is fine but don't bash a game cause your laszy to actually take the time to understand

fucking trolls like you are what ruin the game indusry "

Really.....have your read your own comment and you say I'm the troll, just for having an opinion.

"well clearly your not a FF fan"...How do you know, a FF fan (or a fan of anything) is a person who can truthfully state the flaws in the game, not just say they love it because it's Final Fantasy and your a "fan". That's called being a Blind fan.


<Sigh> Typical Girl Gamer...

You can reply to this but I;m not going to look at the comment so you'll be wasting your time. Goodbye :)

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richierich2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

How many years has it been since Square Enix listened to their fans?

chidori6662658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

SE doesnt listen or care about their fans since era of super nes....

sad this.

tiffac2658d ago

Not since Wada took helm of the company.

ScubaSteve12658d ago

hello wada was president during square soft

Goeres2658d ago

The good old days of SquareSoft is gone.

Dart892658d ago

And im glad was child during the golden years of gaming.

MaideninBlack2658d ago

I think it means Nomura is listening to fans. Go go Tetsuya!

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