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In a time when role-playing games offer endlessly open worlds and superior graphics, sometimes it’s great to get back to the basics of old school dungeon crawling. Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls from XSEED Games brings you back to the yesterday of gaming when you had to keep a piece of grid paper handy. How does going back to a time where gaming was more simple, yet much more difficult, stand up in today’s world?

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CrescentFang2682d ago

The more reviews I see for this game, the more I want it...

MysticStrummer2682d ago

Play the demo. It might change your mind. I wanted the game until I played the demo. Some games should stay in the past. This is one of them.

Neckbear2682d ago

I disagree; if anything, I had tons of fun with the demo.

GearedForGamers2682d ago

I think it definitely plays on nostalgia to hook most players. But is an addicting grind once you get into it.