Call of Duty Elite Beta Starts Today, First Wave Of Invites

The Call of Duty Elite beta starts today. The first wave of invites is incoming. Check our lockboxes. Did you receive an email?

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lugia 40002707d ago

Nope, but not that interested anyway.

JoGam2706d ago

I got hyped for a sec, thought it was BF3 Beta.

Washington-Capitals2706d ago

funny all of you come here to take EXTRA TIME out of your day to post a silly comment about a game that you obviously dont like. Very smart huh? Stay classy fanboys.

ilife2706d ago

who cares? now back to killzone 3.....

Washington-Capitals2706d ago

Yeah you probably should go back to KZ3, there arent too many people playing that game last time checked. Pretty sad the user activity for a game self proclaimed best shooter of 2011 is that low. N4G, it only does fanboy hype.

Raven_Nomad2706d ago

I love the trolls commenting on everything COD!
I would also love to see their faces when MW3 sells 20+ million and scores better on Metacritic then BF3. Slap, Slap!

JoGam2706d ago

If MW3 sells 20 million then good for them and as for Metacritic, who gives a F**K.

consolez_FTW2706d ago

"If MW3 sells 20 million then good for them and as for Metacritic, who gives a F**K."

Well said man, bubs +.

Dart892706d ago

Yup that paycheck must smell really good:D.

Inside_out2706d ago

You say something positive on a COD thread and YOUR the troll...O_o

On topic...hoping to hear some feedback soon to see what people think of the beta.

Snowii2706d ago

montyhly fee?

forget it

Mikeyy2706d ago

ignorant comment. I think so. go educate yourself on Cod: Elite, then come back here.

80% of it is FREE.

Snowii2706d ago

they said you have to pay each month

and quite frankly i rather wait for the game to come out

Mikeyy2705d ago


All the stats and stuff are free man. You only pay for the premium stuff like tourneys, extra video options, and DLC.

You will see, when Elite comes out, get the free version, and you will see that Everybody was strait up biching about stuff, activision wasnt even going to charge them for.

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