9 of the best... Guns in Games

GameShard writes: "We love guns, don't we? Modern society has become obsessed with them, whether from the likes of games giving us the power to wield massive weapons of devastation or from the works of directors like John Woo, glorifying firearm violence. Being the responsible people we are here at GameShard, we decided to encourage all this warfare by presenting a list of our favourite guns in video games."

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Pikajew2588d ago

No Gravity gun or Portal gun :(

splinter2588d ago

Both are fun, but we discounted them because of their inability to directly damage anything.

Kleptic2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Its been a few years since I played Dead Space not sure if it is different; but the line gun in DS2 does not allow you to adjust it's orientation...its always DS2 the only gun that you can do that is the plasma cutter...the line guns alt fire was a sticky grenade like thing with frustrating timing (always blew up too late ha)

I'm more curious than anything, could you adjust it in DS1?...

totally agree though on the SS from Doom 2...and I vividly remember just how awesome that thing sounded on the PS1 port of Doom...I played that game endlessly on my parents PC when it released, but was stuck with a terrible sound card that didn't fully support much of anything...I bought my first playstation right around the time I bought a pioneer pro logic receiver and bought some standing speakers at a yard sale near my house...had never heard surround sound in person at that point, and have been hooked ever since...and then bought Doom for that...

they're not kidding, no gun to date sounded as impressive as the punch that thing gave imo...