Looking Back at Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Critical Gamer writes: With all the hype surrounding the current beta for Uncharted 3 and the runaway success of part 2, it is easy to forget about the game that started it all – Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Although it may not have the celebrated multiplayer of its offspring, it does share the fluid gameplay, visual flare, exciting plot and likeable characters, and stands as one of the most important games of the last five years.

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scruffy_bear2686d ago

Love the Uncharted series it's reminds me of a good summer blockbuster. Uncharted is the reason I'm getting a PSP vita :)

Gray-Fox-Type02686d ago

Uncharted 2 was when the series went to a whole new level. Uncharted 1 was alright at best but still with a good story.

Panthers2686d ago

I dont understand this. Everyone says that UC2 stepped it up a lot more, but I liked UC1 a lot more. The second had some cooler action scenes (like the train) but I liked the story and characters in the first. Still, both are amazing games.

RedDead2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Story and characters are extremely average and super cliche'd in both, Comedy being the main focus of characters througout most of each game(which it does OK, better than most video games at least)

However the gameplay in 1 played like crap compared to 2, you could shoot through the corners of walls aswell and the level design of 2 was leap and bounds above 1. 1 was average, 2 was great imo. Maybe for Ps3 people, it was the first good cover tps on the system, same with gears 1 to gears 2, however both Gears 3 and Un 3 seem to smash all previous titles.

Also UN1 was naugthy dogs first attempt at a Tps , they got it alright and learned alot from Un1.

sikbeta2686d ago

U:DF is awesome, story, gameplay, characters, everything is the game is really great, agree about U2 going to a new level, in which it surpassed the original...


Great game, First Plat on my PS3, Crushing was a pain, but it really worth to play it :D

pain777pas2686d ago

PS Vita will have a great Uncharted game. Judging by the devs Bend's previous work they may deliver an experience that may be on par or exceed dare I say Naughty Dogs PREVIOUS games. This ONLY because of smart touch controls and if Naughty Dog made any Vita game our jaws would probably drop.

Cloudberry2686d ago

Their Resistance Retribution PSP game is the one that convinced me to buy Resistance 3.

pain777pas2686d ago

Good on you Cloud. The GAMEPLAY in the other resistance games are great even though the story is weaker in the 2nd. Worth playing to prepare for R3 IF you haven't played them.

BX812686d ago

You're not the only one. I'm getting PSV for the same reason! My favorite game series of all time are Zelda, Uncharted and Gears.

chidori6662686d ago

I thought Uncharted 1 was better than Uncharted 2 storyline.

Quagmire2686d ago

Definitely. I loved the story better, and I also loved the Jungle setting, not too fond of ice/city.

And no one can beat Eddy Raja.

WhiteLightning2686d ago

I was hoping they would bring Eddy back...I mean let's face it, it's one of those things in films where you think someones dead but they've survived somehow.

How amazing would it be if he poped up at the end of Uncharted 3 with Rika

pain777pas2686d ago

Both games are too good to really compare I mean Sully and Drake moment jumping off the cliff in UC2 made me LMAO the first time I heard it. I have fond memories of the break out and convo with Eddy when Drakes in jail. Solid to amazing games that BOTH stick with you.

ps3bestever2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

This game looks better than gears of war 3, exactly !

BX812686d ago

Graphics wise or do you mean story wise?

mll092686d ago

I preferred the gunplay in Uncharte 1 than U2, the aiming in U2 seems more floaty, it's hard for me to explain.

Fez2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

"it is easy to forget about the game that started it all – Uncharted: Drakes Fortune"

Not at all, the first was just as good as the second. It's not like it was released that long ago. And the '2' in Uncharted 2 sort of hints at the fact that there was an Uncharted '1' that started it off...

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