Remove Everything - casual and non-casual free Flash game.

Remove Everything is a casual game in 3D with blocks. The gameplay is not time limited, but you do have to keep removing those blocks before they fall off the moving tracks. Your task is to match blocks by shooting / throwing blocks of the same type at them with your block cannon. Block types are differentiated by the markings on them. Removing blocks becomes more and more difficult as you progress. Although with simple rules that are easy to grasp, with no logic or puzzle elements, this game is actually more challenging than you think.

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bruddahmanmatt2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

This game is garbage, don't bother. If for some reason you decide to check it out anyway, make sure you're not wearing headphones. I almost went deaf because the awful music came blaring through my headphones without warning, not to mention I couldn't seem to turn off either. There are better free games out there.