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Breaking Bad's new season promo poster spotted, Walter White is now a Gordon Freeman lookalike.

This poster, recently slapped up on the walls of some of New York City’s subway stations, advertises the next season of AMC’s Breaking Bad. But gamers like me who look at it will probably see something else.

Gordon Freeman, hero of Half-Life, is that you? (Half Life 2: Episode 3, Half-Life 2, PC, PS3, The Orange Box, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Rhezin  +   1409d ago
yeah except Walter is like 10x more badass. THE NEW SEASON IS GOING TO BE EPIC!
LOGICWINS  +   1409d ago
Only two more days! =D
WhiteLightning  +   1409d ago
Since I live in the UK I would probably have to wait ages for this season but screw it...that's what TVlinks.com is for :)

I wonder how they are going to outsmart Gus, I hope it goes back to Jesse and Walter having those comic relief moments while working...Jessie kind of went through that depressed patch in Season 3
F4sterTh4nFTL   1409d ago | Trolling | show
maniacmayhem  +   1409d ago
Haha, honestly i never saw it until i read this headline.

Anyways Breaking Bad is probably the best series in tv history besides The Wire.
B00M  +   1409d ago
Got the boxset of The Wire. Watched one so far lol, got a long way to go.
femshep  +   1409d ago
ive been thinking that since they started showing ads for season 4, Breaking bad is awesome almost done with season 3 hopefully can finish for sunday
DrRichtofen  +   1409d ago
Its weird seeing Bryan Cranston look like that then remembering back to Malcolm in the Middle where he was the funny dad. Breaking Bad is an awesome show.
T3MPL3TON  +   1409d ago
I'm right there with you, it's such an interesting transformation and it speaks volumes for his acting prowess.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   1409d ago
He he. Not to mention Dr. Tim Whatley from Seinfeld.
lochdoun  +   1409d ago
Amazing show.
ATiElite  +   1409d ago
Whoa is that Gordon freeman on Crytal Meth?
Did he just pawn the Gravity Gun for a hit?

Quick somebody teleport him to the Betty Ford Black Mesa Rehab Facility!
jony_dols  +   1409d ago
Gordon's a mute, because he chewed his tongue off on a Meth bender!
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1409d ago
Hate to see Bryan Cranston affiliated with such an overrated, crud game, even if it is the work of some basement dweller.
ATiElite  +   1409d ago
HL2 an overrated crud of a game?

Freedom of speech is cool but this is MADNESS!
TheOtherTheoG  +   1409d ago
Sort of looks like a Gordon Freeman in rehab after heroine addiction and 30 years older, I can kinda see the resemblance.

And to those saying that Freeman isn't badass - he's a theoretical physician who kills aliens and US marines as a past time, how can that not be badass?
Urrakia34  +   1409d ago
I think you mean theoretical physicist.
TheOtherTheoG  +   1408d ago
Yeah, I probably do. Words escape me sometimes.

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