Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Fans may turn on Bethesda after discount farce

Product-Reviews writes: Making Elder Scrolls fans pay for the strategy guide as well is a pretty harsh move by Bethesda we feel, as it serves as a direct kick in the teeth to loyal gamers who have already paid for and played Oblivion countless times, and supported it by buying the countless DLC packs i.e Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles. Bethesda are effectively forcing experienced fans of the franchise to buy the strategy guide even though a lot of gamers will feel they don’t need it.

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RedDead2564d ago

I'm're looking for a discount on Skyrim? By uying Oblivion and a strategy guide? Where is the logic in it? The discount is a BONUS. It's not the reason to buy the game.

ryhanon2564d ago

You're right, it's not the reason to buy the game.

However, this was initially advertised as being $10 off Skyrim if you purchased the Oblivion 5th anniversary edition. There was *absolutely no mention at all* that you would have to purchase a strategy guide in order to qualify for the $10 discount. For the people who pre-ordered and already received the Oblivion 5th anniversary edition (myself included), this is definitely an unexpected and annoying little surprise.

Does it change my opinion of the game or intent to purchase Skyrim? No, not at all. But it definitely will make me wary of any future advertised "deals" like this coming from Bethesda.

radphil2564d ago


If Activision was able to give the next GH game when you bought GH5 for free, I think Bethesda could deal with a simple $10 off the copy of the game when you re-buy the collection again without dealing with the strategy guide grab-on.

Also it's not about the discount being there, it's about it being misleading.

GrumpyVeteran2564d ago

....Okay, then don't bother getting the $10 discount, not a big deal fans.

Thecraft19892564d ago

Some gamers do more complaining these days than actually playing the games.

nopunctuation2564d ago

Agreed. It would be pretty hard to find a more spoiled consumer than gamers.

mastiffchild2564d ago

While most just blindly bend over and take whatever the industry wants to do with them-leaving some complaining? Sure, we can moan but we sure as hell make it easy for a lot of our numbewr to do so by accepting crap and still buying it.

As for this example-it's easily ignored greed and they're hardly holding a gun to our heads-and if you NEED an ES strategy guide what's up with you anyway? As I say-there's just no money off there whatsoever so just don't buy it, don't jump through the hoops and consider the money saved by NOT buying a game we all bought years ago and a guide no one with, idk, hands and/or eyes will ever need. I'm, more than anything, amazed anyone ever considered this a discount and that Bethesda bothered with such a public show of wanton greed via convolution!

So much so i'm tempted to think it's just one of their little jokes-like the one which sees them not bother with QA just so we can pay full retail for the honour of doing it for them every sodding release-who EVER gets bored of that unplayable day1 with their Bethesda RPG? I mean, how hilarious is that one and how over-entitled does that make US look, btw, because to me it shows us taking it up the arse and not doing anything much about it at all-beyond a mild dose of going "Oh, Bethesda, you minxes!!"

nopunctuation2564d ago

Nope. Still buying this game because it will be godly.

strange19862564d ago

Wow what a brat. Who cares. So you don't get the ten dollars off, hardly a deal breaker. Bethesda aren't forcing you into doing anything. If you don't want to buy Oblivion of the guide then don't - you would save more than ten dollars that way. You'd be foolish to buy those items just for the measly ten bucks off anyway.

strange19862564d ago

Oops, supposed to be "Oblivion AND the guide."

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