PS Vita UK Price Near Confirmed?

With prices announced for Sony's upcoming handheld for the US, Europe and Japan, UK gamers have been left in the dark over the price they will have to pay for the Vita. Retailers listing the console are starting to indicate at what this price may be for the two models.

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MasterCornholio2709d ago

Blah blah blah. We know more or less what the price will be for the UK. It will cost 180 pounds same as the 3DS.

What i am more interested in is the release date. I cant wait until march so sony please try your best to make it come out this year.

BroGamer2709d ago

I think it will cost more than 180. Considering, PSP Go retailed in the US for $250 and initially was released here for £225. I reckon we're looking at about £220-£235 like the retailers are suggesting.

sloth33952709d ago

im pretty sure they said the price at E3

BroGamer2709d ago

Only for Europe, USA and Japan. They didn't give a price for the UK in GBP.