Capcom Teasing Devil May Cry HD Collection Reveal?

"Capcom are asking Devil May Cry fans to create and submit DMC fan art for the franchise's 10th anniversary and the winner will see their work featured in;

“a new, to be announced Capcom game! (plus a copy of said secret game when upon its release!"

Is this secret game the much rumoured DMC HD Collection?"

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SwilloTGL1839d ago

Just officially announce it already.....

hay1839d ago

Since it's Capcom... Any words on first day on-disc DLC?

crematory1839d ago


AntoineDcoolette1839d ago

I'd laugh if capcom released a DMC collection and it outsold that new DMC coming out.

rezzah1839d ago

It probably will.

I would play the first 3 over the reboot any day.

Hisiru1839d ago

I actually never played a Devil May Cry game, so I can't wait for it! I don't have a PS2 anymore, so I am not able to try it. :(

RoyaleWC1838d ago

So try Devil May Cry 4 on Xbox360 or PS3 then?

creatchee1839d ago

...because I can't wait to hear "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!" in blistering 5.1 digital surround sound.

Darth Stewie1839d ago

I will laugh if this outsells the new DMC.

Tony-Red-Grave1839d ago

even though i don't like cracking DmC, i will say the HD collection has every right to outsell DmC since the originals were by far the best and most innovative DMCs.

gunnerforlife1839d ago

hah well im one of the ones thatll buy the collection and wait for the new one to go down in price.
i hope i hope they put Ifrit and Alestor in DMC3 version :$

Reibooi1839d ago

I would be willing to bet that the HD collection will outsell the new DMC if only because the hardcore fan base of the series has already made it clear they hate the new DMC and new players alone are not gonna be enough to surpass the series fans who will buy a HD collection.

It would be cool if the collection had all the games in it from 1-4. I mean if it's PS3 exclusive I don't see that being a problem but if they release a 360 version space might be a issue. But it would be nice to have the entire series on one disc just to be able to play them all through would be awesome. But I'm probably hoping for alittle much.

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consolez_FTW1839d ago

I will take these HD remakes way over that new DMC.

jujubee881839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Come with PS Vita cloud save feature.

Zone of Enders and Devil May Cry collections (on the PS Vita) would be awesome! :D

user8586211839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

PS3/360 release just like MGS and Zone of the Enders?

CGI-Quality1839d ago

Capcom is reportedly releasing some type of PS3 exclusive. This is likely it.

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The story is too old to be commented.