Go! Gaming Giant: Akimi Village Review

From the review:

"If you feel like you didn’t get your fill of Kefling goodness with A World of Keflings late last year and you simply can’t wait for the upcoming DLC, then you are in luck…as long as you own a PS3. NinjaBee’s latest game, Akimi Village, shares so many similarities with the Kefling games that you’ll swear it’s a sequel. But despite the resemblance, it has a fair number of differences to set itself apart and provide a slightly different experience. Of course, if you have any prior experience, you’ll be able to jump right in without thinking twice."

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itani2625d ago

Is this basically like Harvest Moon?

omicron0092625d ago

looks interesting, but i cna't get over the graphics.

RaymondM2624d ago

looks interesting enough. However, I've never played harvest moon, are the games really so similar?
The premise of getting rid of sadness is kinda like Viva Pinata (except in that one, your garden gets infested with evil pinata creatures)