PES 2012: 6 gameplay videos

Konami released the first 6 gameplay videos that explain new features of the upcoming PES 2012.

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The_Booze2713d ago

Awesome, as i expected it to be.

Is there a release date yet?

chroniko2713d ago

not yet... probably in Q4 2011

kza2713d ago

Looks good, hopeing this is a true PES this time. The football king is back!

Big_Dom2713d ago

Everytime a new PES gets shown, I always hear this same thing: "the king is back."

Well, I've not fallen for that bollocks for the past few years now, and I'm not about to start to now either. The King will be back whenever I pick up and a pad and it feels at least current gen.

kza2713d ago

Go play Fifa then, no ones forcing u to play the BETTER PES!!