TSA Playback: Darksiders

TSA takes a look back at what made Darksiders so special and why you shouldn't miss it like Blair did.

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Calm Down Sunshine2444d ago

I wasn't fond of the setting personally, and the mixing and matching of other games reminded me of Nier... Which also wasn't overly appealing to me, as I felt like I'd already played better versions of it all before.

The combat isn't quite as good as God of War, and the dungeons and bosses don't match the originality (but then again.. How could it?) and quality of Zelda.

It's not a bad game, but it's nothing special. Belongs on the PS2 in my eyes.

MWH2444d ago

the closest thing to a Legacy of Kain game. i enjoyed it and looking forward for the second.

Shane Kim2444d ago

I thought it was good, but when GoW3 came out I never looked back.

AntoineDcoolette2444d ago

TBH God of War 3 was just more of the same. Darksiders was something fresh and exciting.

Quagmire2444d ago

I loved it so much, the story the characters, the visuals, the characters. The gameplay was excellent too. Despite taking on mechaincs from Zelda and GOW, it managed to make it unique, fun, and satisfying, instead of being derivative like Dante's Inferno...

STill love ya Visceral!