GoodGame: Call of Duty 4 review

Call of Duty is one of the most popular first person shooters. In the latest game the action has moved from the second world war to the modern day, but can this latest tour of duty live up to expectations?

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MRMagoo1233695d ago

I for one am getting this game as of tomorrow cant wait after seeing this video

softnsquidgey3695d ago

Not really a big fan of FPS games but even i must admit this game looks pretty damn good

Silverwolf3695d ago

I didn't think I would get it since they said it was only 5 hours long. But I ended up getting it yesterday and I'm glad I did. COD4 is IMHO the best call of duty game EVER! I will be replaying it (and playing multi-player) for a long time. This game is the most intense game I have EVER played period.

Silvia0073695d ago

Good graphics, good game play, but restricted at the same time.

skinzfan3695d ago

I didnt sleep last night. I played till about 4 in the morning and then I got up 2 hours later and came to work. Best game that I have ever played.