Naughty Dog: 'Uncharted 3 Is Force To Be Reckoned With'

Naughty Dog talks big about Uncharted 3 and explains why it's going to shake things up at launch.

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nopunctuation2710d ago

"Naughty dog, youre going down."
No u.

THC CELL2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )


Love naughty dog. i like how they share tech with most first partys and chat with others Bungie n Iw.. Never mention epic tho eh lol

I have to say the U3 beta is by far one of the best this year. i am sad its going soon.
I can not wait to see the other kickbacks and maps and modes. i will be spending a lot of time with u3.

Sony exclusives are by far the best experience ever.
Some people need to wake up and see that cause u are missing out big time.

Sub4Dis2709d ago

actually, thc cell, i'd say what you need to see is that most of us own both consoles (and a decent pc) and so we get to have the "best experience ever" by experiencing everything.

how sad that we're 5 years into this generation and you still feel the desperate need to shout your love for sony from the highest rooftops.

zootang2709d ago


Yet you need a PS3 to have the Uncharted experience. Nothing wrong with showing your love for something you love.

RedDead2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Unfortunate but Uncharted will not scratch the multiplayer market this year, they belong to Cod and, battlefield and on 360 somewhat Gears 3(1 was the first good online game for 360)

So many devs think and hope they will get in on it, but they never do. COd owns it, BF, as a new Military FPS with way better graphics and maybe a good marketing team behind it is the only one who can really break in a bit.

theonlylolking2709d ago

If the game has PSN pass then they might just go down.

NukaCola2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

They have spared no expense. Day one. Man it doesn't matter if you game on Wii PC 360 or PS3...Jeex loo-eeezz November is chock full of win.

Sub4Dis2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

except the wii...

edit: @below: was a joke, dude.

NukaCola2709d ago

Zelda Skyward Sword dude

Strange_Evil2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I love the beta!! They just need to to add more damage when you place a headshot and a few tweaks here and there. The platforming makes it really unique among other TPS. You are never 'safe' anywhere as there is always a window or doorway to watch your back and so it really eliminates camping. So far, multi-player seems to be among the best out there. And knowing ND, the single player is gonna be even more epic.

cooperdnizzle2709d ago

I agree with your statement fully. especially the head shot thing. I hate that you can't shoot them in the head and kill them with out wasting what seems to be a full clip.

TimmyShire2709d ago

I approve of this story.

Laypoof2709d ago

I can't imagine what they'll do with the Jak series if they do decide to go back to it. Better yet, I can't imagine what they'll do with the PS4!

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The story is too old to be commented.