VGLoaded: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Review

VGLoaded's James Chalmers enters the fight as he tackles the four brand new characters for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

From the review: "There is one way you can learn about how each character handles though and that’s through the newly revamped replay centre. There is now a ‘Elite’ channel for you to follow showcasing the very best Super Street Fighter IV players in the world and replaying their matches. If you want to try and pick up some tips from the pros, or even just marvel in their skill, then you can replay their most recent battles and see how they tackle each character."

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greengamer2710d ago

Sounds good, might have to dust off my SSFIV copy for this

mmoplaya2710d ago

agreed never really played Street Fighter IV. Might get this as a retail disc and get some hours in, how hard is it really to learn the moves?

Troll-without-Bridge2710d ago

No one is playing this game online anymore, i only get japanese dudes. Of course, the connection blows.

pennywhyz2710d ago

capcom are such theives im not buying every sf they make cause they add a word in the title and then they charge ya for extra content fuck u capcom with your nickel and dime schemes