Review: Ms. Splosion Man | Nave360

Nave360's Gabriel writes:

"Sequel to the highly acclaimed Splosion Man, Ms. Splosion Man sets out to give us everything that made the first game so incredible while coating it with a delicious frosting of improvements. But is it better than its predecessor? Hell yes it is."

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2713d ago
RockmanII72712d ago

Seems like everyone's giving it great reviews, good job Twisted Pixel.

Kran2712d ago

You should get it if you havent already. This isnt my review (im posting it for the guy who did write it) and im enjoying it myself ;)

Minartis2712d ago

I got this game yesterday , it's brilliantly funny ,has 50 levels plus lots of unlockable extras, and it's only 800mp , well worth it!

TheRichterBelmont2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

It's a great game, but a score of 10 is a joke. It's not perfect.

Kran2712d ago

Its not my score. Id give it a 9 myself but we all have our own opinions.

ambientFLIER2712d ago

Scores of 10 don't mean perfect. Ever. How many articles do review websites have to write about it before people understand? If 10 meant perfect, then no game would ever get a 10, because no game is perfect.