Jaffe Releases Glorious Stick Figure Concept Art For Twisted Metal

When lord Jaffe was conceptualizing the game, he drew up some…. rough designs of what he wanted the bosses to look like…

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CrzyFooL2348d ago

It's bad. :-p

Yi-Long2348d ago

... if it had been drawn by a spastic blind man with his feet...

BlackjackCF2348d ago

As I said before:

"Considering Malevich is considered art for his "White on White" (a painting that literally is white paint on a white canvas), I think we're allowed to call Mr. Jaffe an artist."

waltyftm2348d ago

Great stuff, Pictures speak a thousand words yet these say so much more.

electrolemon2348d ago

Damn it, can we just get the game already?

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