Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - Launch Trailer

A new adventure has begun for the last Lombax, and now you can help him put an end to the tyranny of Emperor Percival Tachyon.

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MK_Red4058d ago

WTF!? What have they do to this trailer? The footage and graphics look way weaker than actual game.

Seriously, they have lowered the graphics for this trailer. The game looks way better in real time.

gamesblow4058d ago

It does, but all trailers are the same. They're not the quality you see running on your system. Take the Orangebox trailers, for instance... The game really looks amazing on the xbox 360, but when you see the trailers it's easy to dismiss it. These trailers are placeholders if anything. They're there to get the point across and convey what is needed. The quality is super compressed and just looks off in 99.9% of them. Oblivion trailers, anyone? How about Resistance trailers? My game looks 10 x that of the trailers... I posted actual vids on my blogsite of how my game looks compared to Gametrailers **** and people were like "Wow, that game looks amazing"

Maestro4058d ago

This game is a failure.

magera4058d ago

its getting great reviews and its selling well. Would i be right in thinking you only own an xbox360? Do you look at games on other consoles and become consumed with jealousy & insecurity? Do you deal with those negative feelings by making unsound criticisms in order to try and convince yourself that you are not interested in the games on other consoles?