Dressing Your Video Game Characters, and Other Concerns

The Mary Sue: 'When we get angry about the portrayal of the female form – especially when it comes to clothing – there is a misconception that in order to create a “strong female character,” you have to chuck sexuality out the window. As much as men and women may argue about this point, I have observed that women are often just as divided amongst themselves, if not more so. This goes far beyond geek culture. For every Andrea Dworkin, there’s a Nina Hartley. For every pair of Birkenstocks, there’s a pair of stilettos. For every woman who decries lipstick as a tool of misogynist objectification, there’s another who lauds her implants as two double-D symbols of her own empowerment.'

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NovusTerminus2713d ago

Yeah, because male designs are sooooo great anymore.

You are either a shot brown haired guy, see: Mass Effect, Uncharted, Gears of War, Any Military shooter.

Or some guy he eat steroids as a main course, see: Gears of War, Darksiders, God of War, World of Warcraft.

Male designs are not all that creative either. We can be summed up on average in those two categories.

And for everyone else, that does not mean I hate those games. I have played them all and have both Uncharted Platinum Trophies.

Pozzle2713d ago

I don't know, I quite like Uncharted's character design. Yeah, Drake is pretty generic looking. But he's supposed to be. He's a typical 30-something guy. I like that about the Uncharted series...they all look like they could be real people.

But I agree with your other point. Game character designs in general are pretty uninventive (men are usually bulked up hulks or Japanese pretty boys, females are usually generically attractive vixens with big...uh...assets.)
It's interesting that devs assume this is what gamers want, when gamers have proved otherwise. e.g. In Mass Effect 2, most of the fan-made Male!Shep and Fem!Shep designs I've seen around the 'net are far more varied and interesting than many games' OFFICIAL character designs.

NovusTerminus2713d ago

Truthfully, the Japanese pretty boy look is not being used as much anymore.

I like Uncharted's art as well. Because where as Drake had a normal design, like you said he was supposed to, it does work for the story.

I don't understand why Mass Effect which is a create a character thing, does not give us much to work with to make him / her our own.