Rovio values self "north of PopCap"

Eurogamer: Angry Birds creator Rovio has told Eurogamer it values itself "north" of the $1.3 billion figure that EA will spend acquiring PopCap Games.

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Urmomlol2418d ago

That's just absurd and quite frankly ridiculously arrogant.

Solidus187-SCMilk2417d ago

LOL, just wait till angry birds is old news, it will be soon.

These guys will change their tune once their next game isnt as successful. Its gonna be hard to replicate the success of AB.

tehReaper2418d ago

Angry Birds is okay, but it's not what Rovio makes it out to be. I haven't tried Angry Birds prior to it coming to Windows Phone, and now that I have played it I can safely say it's not that big of a deal.

My first reaction was: "THIS is what people go crazy for?"

To be honest, it feels more like a well done flash game than anything else.

longcat2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

In the land of the buttonless, a single swipe is king

Watching casuals fawn over these games is like watching a caveman marvel at fire

zeal0us2418d ago

Rovio only surrounding themselves in angry bird related stuff
PopCap has more variety.

longcat2418d ago

Pop-cap would have been a great addition for PSN or Xbox live in terms of exclusive content.

I even thought steam would have considered it

Rampaged Death2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Rovio are a very rude company.