IGN: Halo Reach Top 10 Kills of the Week

IGN writes: The best of the best multiplayer kills.

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Kee2714d ago

These don't even really seem all that good. I'm not a halo player but I'm sure there's better clips than that.

MOTY2714d ago

There have been some really amazing clips. Just go to IGN and check them out. They have been doing "top 10 Halo Kills" since Reach came out. Actually, I think they have been doing it since Halo 3.

XRider2714d ago

Still rules Xbox Live too. When Halo, Gears, and MW3 come out this fall it wont. Nice run for Bungies last Halo though.

kaveti66162714d ago

Halo 3 had much better maps overall.

Reach's best map in my opinion is Reflection. Halo 3 has Guardian.

I liked Reach at first but I was disappointed that Bungie used Forge World to create some major maps like The Cage and Asylum, because the assets in Forge world are very dull and generic. The construction blocks are all a shiny gray, and the flora and fauna are all similar, and the texture resolutions are reduced because even in The Cage or any other Forge World map, the textures used are reduced to accommodate the vast size of the World, and Bungie didn't think to use higher-res textures in the MP maps.

Neko_Mega2714d ago

Alot of those look like they were setup, I think they should have posted one of my. At least my shield is down and I'm one hit from death.

Convas2714d ago

That's one badass picture of Emil in the thumbnail!

dork07832714d ago

Out of all the MP games I played I think this beats them all as the most funnest game online.