Call of Duty XP Event Detailed

The mysterious event we’ve been hearing about a known as, “Call of Duty XP” has finally had a little light shed on its shadowy silhouette. Although there is still a lot we don’t know, we’re no longer completely in the dark as to exactly what the event is supposed to include.

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flipmop442588d ago

That actually sounds fun wish I could go.

Cwalk8162588d ago

It's one 150 to get in I'm sure everyone can afford that(sarcasm).

honestpizza2588d ago

I may actually try to go to this!

rmoar2588d ago

I wish I was a rich big-shot that could afford to go to events like this.

DanielComfort2588d ago

$150. Tooooo much for my blood. I understand it goes to charity, but I just can't take that hit for one game.

jesscamegan2588d ago

I am a sucker for charity though. I think that is what will help ticket sales.

redracer332588d ago

This should be an interesting event

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