Discussion Topic: Are There Perks to Piracy? has opened the forums once again and is asking the general gaming public - what are your thoughts on piracy? By citing some potential benefits to the industry, have they changed your opinion? Do you agree? Disagree? Any comments left at or here may be used in a future Discussion Topic followup.

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BeastlyRig2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Team Download Match?

ATiElite2625d ago

@ BeastlyRig.....LOL! Bubbles+

Piracy has always benefitted the industry.

1. I never ever get stuck spending $60 for a sucky game. All my games that i buy are of AAA quality and i support the developers buy buying their products.

2. Piracy gives people on a very tight budget to check out something they might never have tried before and if they like it you just earned a new customer.

3. Do you buy cars without a test drive? NO! For the most part do you buy shoes withoutm trying them on? NO! So therefore I don't buy some games from some Devs without a test drive!

I'm not wasting my money! (Between my Steam folder and my game shelf I have about 75 titles PAID in FULL)

HSx92625d ago

Yes, for example Grand Theft Auto 4, with the steam version, it is very limited, and most people who downloaded gta4 for mods are forced to have to go to torrent sites and download the game illegally and cracked, just so they can mod it.

TBM2625d ago

Only perk I can think of is saving money.

outwar60102625d ago

you cant cheat or gain access to the dev console with steam or games for windows version ARGGHHH i bought so many games that ive already played on consoles for pc for mod or to make uber characters and nothing because theres live always running such a piss take

tiffac2625d ago

Well I got to admit it does help you get games/movies/music that aren't in the legal market anymore or games/movies/music that isn't release in your local market. So yeah for all its downside there is an upside to it.

sorceror1712625d ago

For PC games that come on physical media, sure. I have small kids around, I don't dare risk the DVD falling into their hands. I always apply a disc crack so I can keep the install media on a high shelf.

But I pay for the game first.

Steam, on the other hand, hasn't forbidden anything I feel like doing so far. So no need to crack it.

With consoles, it's a bit nore annoying, but I tend to do longer sessions with a console so the price of tracking down the disc isn't so bad.

aliengmr2625d ago

I really believe if the aim of a company is to "fight" piracy then they should forget the useless DRM and have a pre-release demo instead. But time and time again demos are released for consoles and not for the PC where its desperately needed.

seriously whomever does the DRM for these games must one hell of a salesman. It has to take balls to sell a product that will fail before the product is released. I know shit about DRM I admit, it seems to me a wasted effort. Though I only care when it gets in the way of playing a game I purchased. You have no right to complain about piracy on the PC platform if you are too lazy to release a demo on the PC.