PC Zone Review Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare : 8.9

If you're a soldier in a war and you don't say much, and if your face isn't made out of as many polygons as your friends' faces are, and if nobody ever specifically mentions your name or talks to you, then you're probably going to die. That's what Call of Duty 4 has taught PC Zone.

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Rikitatsu4058d ago

i played the PC one , it was total crap . its not optimized at all !! it looks like they ported this from the PS3 or 360 version

Infinity Ward screws PC gamers this time

fermcr4058d ago

Played the pc demo and was very good. i guess you have a week PC to play this game. Why the hell are you going to pay double the price for the console game. For the pc... controls are better (Keyboard and mouse), multiplayer must be better then the console, graphics wise, remains to be seen.

theox2g74058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

you dont see pc fanboys getting on ps3 games and joining xbots to flame your holy grail of a console, why taunt pc gamers, get your facts right, have u even played the demo? I doubt it because it is one of the best optimized games out there, runs almost as good as call of duty 2 with a few tweaks and looks even way better, have you even read the review dumbass? It got that low score not because of the platform issues but the actual game content which is on all 3 platforms, which is the rubbish towards the end, the fact is pc has a lot of really good competitive games so despite this being a AAA title like every other, it will always get a lower score than its console counterparts not because of it being an inferior game but because of the tough competition it will have and the high standards of pc gamers

mesh14058d ago

i think they played MASS EFFECT BEFORE COD4 =0 that why they gave it this score

Rooted_Dust4058d ago

This is a PC game review site. They won't be reviewing Mass Effect until
about a year after it's Xbox360 release, when the better PC version comes out.

KINGDRAMA4058d ago


predator4058d ago

was always gettin it for the 360, but it is strange why the review this low

Rooted_Dust4058d ago

I'm a PC gamer first and foremost, but this game looks like a rental for my PS3 to me. I'll save my money for UT, Crysis, and Hellgate. Those games actually have some length to them.

mesh14058d ago

tbh in my opinion cod4 is much better than all those games u stated in multiplayer/singleplayer but cs pwns them all in muliplayer inc cod4.

Rooted_Dust4058d ago

It might be better than Hellgate, but in no way is COD4 better than UT, and to say so is laughable. Also Crysis(New IP, Better Graphics, Longer Campaign, Good multiplayer) > COD4.

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