League Of Legends Champion Starter Guide

Sarcastic Gamer's Guide highlights three characters for new players to try out.

From the guide: "League of Legends is a free to play, online multiplayer game. I’ve been playing this game a lot. By a lot, I mean that my bloody stumps for fingers have their own bloody stumps. I haven’t seen daylight in months and I’m pretty sure my family moved out of the house last month… But they left the internet on, so it’s all good! For those of you that still partake in the real world and haven’t begun your foray into League of Legends, or if you’re a new player there are usually only 10 free Champions at a time to pick from. The Champions in League of Legends ARE the game. It’s not the maps, its the characters, so get to know them, practice them, learn their quirks and you can really have fun with this game. The question is: who shall you play as?

To that end, there’s a wide variety of Champions. All play different. Some are more difficult to play as if you’re a new character. Click on over to three easy characters to play in League of Legends for the newbies out there that just want to try the game out."

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