New ‘Avatar Kinect’ Video Promo shows how you create, socialize and pretend

Announced earlier this year ‘Avatar Kinect’ is one of the latest innovations for the Kinect; allowing you to control and interact with Xbox Live Avatars. Here is latest promo video showing off some of the great features.

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killerhog2559d ago

oh my god i dont know whats worse; her real life ginger face, or her avatar ginger self *bwahahha bwahahahah bwahhhhhhhh pft pft pft bahwahahah* that was me throwing up lol just kidding. ah southpark

rbluetank2559d ago

hella stupid!! just call your friends over the phone or meet up at a tailgate party. drinking beer and laughing with friends is way more funnier.

-Alpha2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Or use Cross chat

Dee_912559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

lol @ " pretend"

is that suppose to be like " make believe" ?

sarcasm folks

SarahFox2559d ago

i do think its kind of silly for adults, but for kids it could be really fun for them to make their own talk show in pretend or for girls to do dance routines and stuff.

I can see it being popular in the younger demographic. For older demographics i think it would be really funny to recreate famous movie scenes or game scenes, and make them sillier or just super realistic if you could.The little big planet 'Inception' trailer that was remade was a really cool example of that.

Also for all those game reviews that are kind of spoofs like the "Awesome Series" dress up your avatar and grab some friends and you could make some really funny ones. If you had free time. which most 11 years old do. But most of them will be god awful.

killerhog2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

what "shows"

the cod trash talk hour?
the cod harass female players morning show?
the homophobic view?
racism today?
caught on cam showing wieners?
the 7 words you shouldnt say on xbl but are ironically saying it on this show??

the list goes on. although not all of it would be bad. im also just playing around. i gave you an agree cause it is true this will most definitely be a hit with the younger demographic

Just_The_Truth2557d ago

i think all your able to do is sit and talk maybe jump but i think dancing and doing film recreations are being too hopeful.

optimus2559d ago

the only place i can see this being remotely usefull is in the homescreen. having your friends avatars sitting around in a lobby doing whatever it is they are actually doing would be kind of cool. then maybe have my avatar do something with their avatar without disrupting their session only to see what predicaments they were put in for the next time they log in. now THAT would be a whole lot BETTER than this little novalty in fun labs.

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