Your Final Fantasy XIII-2 Staff

Andriasang: Wondering who's making Final Fantasy XIII-2? Square Enix updated the Japanese version's official site today with a staff list.

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zeal0us2710d ago

yay a list of ppl we can blame if the game end up doing a poor job.

dylandurden2710d ago

Remember, Toriyama is the first one to blame

iamtehpwn2710d ago

Remember that most of the people on that list are a lot of the same people that made you like Final Fantasy in the first place.

Except Toriyama, he completely sucks, plain and simple.

BubbleSniper2710d ago

i'm rather tired of all these mech designs and robots...

go back in time with Final Fantasy already... we've been doing this futuristic crap since VIII... X at least went back and forth with it, VII also went back and forth with it, seemed like steampunk meets the future meets med evil.