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Submitted by soala 2944d ago | screenshot

First Screenshots of Mabinogi Revealed

Mabinogi, an online role-playing game released by South Korean Company Nexon and developed by devCAT studio, has revealed its first screenshot of Xbox 360 version. It began service for PC since 2004 in South Korea and 360 version will be serviced before 2008. (Mabinogi, Xbox 360)

dhammalama  +   2944d ago
What the Hell is THIS THING?
looks . . . . phallic.

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Skerj  +   2944d ago
Dude, that's an arm.
InMyOpinion  +   2944d ago
That's what's called a Ghost Boner. And this is what's called "perky".

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predator  +   2944d ago
ive never heard of this before
Darkiewonder  +   2944d ago
Saw pictures
Didn't know it was an Online RPG O.o

Needs more information.
ParaDise_LosT  +   2944d ago
its an 360 game?????
surely you jest.....
It looks like a Wii game D:
Well, Graphics arn't everything :P
That game is just ugly xD
but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and say its an early build....
it better be hahahaha

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