PlayStation Network - How Sony Can Better The Service for PS4

MMGN writes: First and foremost, this is NOT a PSN hate article, nor is it an article aimed at solely highlighting what's wrong with the PlayStation Network.

The agenda here is to look at the network objectively and try to derive how the network can be improved to appeal to a broader gaming audience, and how it can evolve to keep hardcore Sony fans happy.

In terms of what's on offer with the PlayStation Network, it's a fantastic service with a seemingly endless library of games and movies.

However, it can definitely be improved, and its current design leaves a lot to be desired. It's cluttered, too text-driven and not at all reliant on images to encourage the purchase.

It's sometimes a frustration to navigate around, thanks to a slow loading process and a design that better suits an internet browser than a platform being accessed on a home television.

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Gaetano2713d ago

There's also a discussion on the forums if anyone is interested:

CatGlue2713d ago

I thought PS3 handled it quite well.

user8586212712d ago

like it did 2 months ago ;)

MrSpace2713d ago

Make it so the US, Japan AND Europe get the same content on the same day. Instead of Europe being in third place all the time, before we get the rest of the PS1 Classics the PS4 will be out.

consolez_FTW2713d ago

Yeah, it took me forever to figure how to make a japanese account by myself. So I agree with you dude. Plus playing demos in the Japanese language isn't the easiest thing to do.

EverydayGuy2713d ago

That is hard for them to do since Europe is a cluster **** of country's to with their own rules and regulations they have to follow to get the game approve. U.S. and Japan is easy cause you just need to versions of the game.

Ricardoportillo042713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

i wanna see a review from others users who have downloaded the same content to know what i'm getting and how good it is and not just the star rating

dkp232713d ago

Less clunky, simpler interface, fix the lag during games and slow dl times. I hate how it lags when i try to send a message ingame.

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The story is too old to be commented.