The WiiU's Identity Crisis

KHooLz writes: "The Nintendo Wii will be marking its 5th year this November. The Wii's take on controlling games has endured mixed opinions, both good and bad. No one can deny the impact the console has had on the gaming industry. A wider audience of people are playing games and the ability to be able to pick up and play a game without investing a considerable amount of time is somewhat of a nod to classic games we had in the past."

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the_best_player2563d ago

I think the WiiU might be a fail.

tehReaper2563d ago

I don't think it will fail, but Nintendo has a long road ahead of them in terms of satisfying the hardcore. They have the right franchises, they just need to implement them in the right ways.

jacen1002563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

catch yourself on u CLOWN , how will a machine with better visuals and more refined and powerfull hardware better than the current gen be a fail , also the first console with an open network allowing developers a free run to do what they want, not to mention the second screen allowing for a far more inviting gameplay experience in FPS games. stop being a hater fanboy and realise that this machine will be inviting to gamers, i own all consoles aswell as a top end pc and im still excited about what the wiiU has to offer its sounding good

Hifist12563d ago

No, Wii U sounds like piece of shit to be honest. Controller looks clunky and i don't really care about Ninty's exclusives. So what's there for me? Nothing.

Achtung2563d ago

what about the ps4 being all kinecty...

now that's messed up.

jacksonmichael2563d ago

There is something in this video I want people to hear...

I specifically mean the part about exclusives being irrelevant if they aren't the type of game you like. Because really, that's all you're saying.

jacen1002563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

ok fanboy comment there i will over look that

charmer2563d ago

the wiiu will be number 1 this next generation..thats almost guaranteed with what it has to offer.. but im sure sony is the lab copying and microsoft is not far behing

jacen1002563d ago

for sure the rest will follow with second screen just like motion control

N4SIR2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )


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