Battlefield 3 Origin, Xbox 360 On Windows 8 & PSN Investment In 60 Seconds writes: We take a look at Battlefield 3 being an Origin exclusive - leaving Steam users in the cold, Xbox 360 games working on Windows 8 PC's and Sony investing $20 million into PSN exclusives - all in 60 Seconds.

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xruiner892713d ago

Many other digital retailers have already been announced for Battlefield 3 so it's not exclusive to Origin. It WILL be on steam before release.

bumnut2713d ago

Its cheaper to buy reatil anyway, GAME (uk) have it retail for £29.99 or download for £39.99.


CapsLocke2713d ago

I can get it for like 15 dollars. Isn't it great?

bumnut2712d ago

Here is some evidence for the guy who disagrees with facts.