iNintendo: The Last Story Import Review

Carl B. of writes, "Japanese role-playing games – also known as JRPGs – ruled the video game industry during the 16-bit era, which is often considered the Golden Age of gaming. At the time Square and Enix were two separate companies, each trying to top the other in the battle of JRPG dominance. Squaresoft provided SNES owners with top of the line games including Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III, while Enix continued its super-popular Dragon Warrior series in Japan; due to the success of these titles more JRPGs were created by other publishers, spawning classics such as Breath of Fire II and Lufia II. In recent years, though, the JRPG genre has relied too heavily on old school mechanics. There have been evolutions to the gameplay made so popular in the 90s, but for the most part, new gameplay mechanics have either been poorly executed or were terrible ideas to begin with.

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Dart892590d ago

Screw nintendo for not localizing this freaking retards.

Moduserous2590d ago

They think western games only want call of duty and halo games. Nice review.

RoboSpiff2590d ago

I wanna play this so bad.

jacksonmichael2590d ago

I am angry! So very angry! Why must Reggie be a son of a submariner!?

Hifist12590d ago

Yeah, this is coming to europe! :p Gotta try this one out, loved FFVII.

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