Five Mortal Kombat Kharacters I Want To See In Mortal Kombat: Legacy

iGG says: Mortal Kombat: Legacy proved to a successful mini-series of the famed Mortal Kombat series. It wonderfully told the origin stories of the many iconic Mortal Kombat characters. The first season is set to finalize with the final episode based on Cyrax and Sektor set to premiere at the Comic Con next week, but talks of a second season were already brought up. In anticipation of this season, I decided to compile a list of kharacters that I want to see receive their own origin story in the second season.

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zeal0us2682d ago

Skarlet most likely won't appear unless theres a season 2 or something.

Liu Kang obviously going to be up there eventually, can't have MK without Liu Kang(excluding deadly alliance, that sub-zero game and that other one what was called, um special forces or something).

I would love to see ermac and other ppl mention on the list though.

Urrakia342681d ago

I really have no interest in seeing an episode of Skarlet. She hardly seems interesting at all. I do agree with him on Ermac though, it would make for a good story.

Other 2 good candidates for good stories would be Reptile and Noob. Maybe explain where Reptile comes from and his motives. As for Noob, show his transformation from Sub-Zero into the newly resurrected Noob Saibot.