IGN: Catherine Review

IGN writes: "After spending lots of time with the sordid tale of Catherine and putting down my controller to reflect on the experience, I felt refreshed. For all of the old, tired ideas that plague our industry, it was really nice to play something authentically different. And I mean really different, because Catherine is in no way, shape or form like anything you've ever played. But what's even more exciting about Catherine is that it's one hell of a game, too, and is wildly successful in most of what it attempts to do".

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skynidas2475d ago

Damn, what a great score. Getting this game as soon as possible.

Organization XII2475d ago

Holy sheitttttt, must get a PS3 for this thing and Versus XIII!!!

Abash2475d ago

Are people serious here? Now it's a must have because it got a 9? I enjoyed the demo and that's why I think it's a must have. It could have gotten a 6 and I still would have bought it. I doubt a lot of people going nuts over the 9 it got can say the same thing, and most likely would have passed on it because of a lower score.

Some people need to stop being dictated by review scores

blitz06232475d ago

Atlus has done it again.
Now please, I want some Persona 5

TBM2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

after being taking on a trippy ride in the demo i gotta say i might have to pick this up because it truely felt different from what i've played this gen.

i don't care what reviewers say for/against this game i think this is a nice change of pace from the regular shooters, wrpgs.

teething2475d ago

Funny how if IGN gives anything less than a 9 to an established franchise/Sony exclusive, everyone here cries and calls them ignorant.

Then if they give an underdog game a good score, everyone agrees that it is the best game ever, and they want to go out and buy it.

LOGICWINS2475d ago

^^Congratulations. Uve just described one of the biggest problems on N4G.

nix2474d ago

i'm all up for rating the game without any bias. just because it's not a PS3 exclusive or because it's a 360 exclusive should not have reviewers underrating or overrating any game. same goes for high profile games and low profile game.

MaxXAttaxX2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Wth is wrong with you?
Yeah, 360 fanboys NEVER complain when an exclusive game gets anything lower than 9 or 8 /end sarcasm

Besides, 9 is a GREAT score regardless of the game whether it's exclusive or multiplatform, high profile or low.

Besides, this game has no competition and can't be compared to anything to be considered an "underdog".
Atlus may not be as popular as SE, but they've been continuously making good games.

Yi-Long2474d ago

... but how does it sound?

The review mentions the voice-acting to be 'overdone', I want to know if the option exists to play the game with the original voices, cause I don't want to play it with a dub...

Bull5hifT2474d ago

Moving blocks aroung and watching Dragon Ball z Episodes With Boobies = a 9.... I really tried to love the Demo... I Was So Dissapoint, i sorta enjoyed Persona 3 Portable for a while... Im trieng really hard to justify a $60 Purchase+ im worried about all those cutscenes having to fit on a DVD ... Wheres the space for the Game on there?... If it was a Blu-Ray exclusive, id buy it to Give Me Some thing to Fap to in HD

Why o why2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

'Uve just described one of the biggest problems on N4G'

No hypocrites are the biggest problems of n4g. You know, rumble isnt needed, neither is achievements or graphics dont matter or how about the biggest one: exclusives dont matter...lmao. Goes both ways Dead Rek. Im sure we've both been hypocritical to some degree...i know i have been anyway

Ill check out igns review or now more specifically the actual reviewer. I have a few trusted sites and ign isnt one of them. I may agree or disagree with them every now and then but you show me the drobes of people biggin them up over this review. Its a good score...but ill check to see if its a good review AFTER ive played it. Thats always been my way. Check what people have written AFTER ive played the game and see which reviews which review/reviewers judgement is closer to my own. Doesnt mean that that specific reviewers opinions will always be similar to my own for various reasons but it does give me a better gauge.

Most of the time we, the gamer, dismiss reviews before we've actually played the game we're casting opinions on. Thats wrong but sometimes reviews for varying reasons just stink. Some use bs talk like 'tried and tested/solid formula' but on a different game could be labeled as 'lack of innovation or stale'

RedDead2474d ago

Exclusives don't matter, they are a way to get people to buy your console, nothing more. Sony needs First party studios because if they didn't have them, Xbox would be the choice for Devs, cheaper and....more straightforward to develop for.

pain777pas2474d ago

Give Abash some bubbles please.

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M-Easy2475d ago

Demo was crazy. The only thing that scares me is what I hear from the Japanese players that this is a like a 60 hour platinum.

SwampCroc2475d ago

that should be refreshing... 60 hours to platinum is alot less than some of the game out there...

but again.. I wouldn't be excited just for trophies... I mean the game just looks awesome. even would buy it if it didn't support trophies

LOGICWINS2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

LOL, hilarious how people call IGN ignorant..yet when an IGN journalist gives Catherine a 9, its all of a sudden on everyones radar.

bwazy2475d ago

LOL only 60 hours? Go play Warhawk bro. I'll buy you a beer when you plat it.

M-Easy2475d ago

No thanks dude I'm still working on Mortal Kombat. I got about a 100 hours down and another 250 to go :(

LOGICWINS2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

@Bwazy- Yakuza 3, not 4, Yakuza THREE takes over 100 hours to plat for ANY gamer and its a cool Japanese title with a fantastic story thats 20 bux right now.

I'm nt going to tell people what to do with their money, but to the people who plan on pre ordering the game, I suggest waiting till the price drops. Duke Nukem Forever and F.E.A.R 3 sold poorly and the priced drop to $40 in 3 weeks. Catherine doesn't even have a third of the hype these games expect it to be $30 before the end of August.

@M-Easy- Yup, if u want replay value and your a gamer that enjoys a challenging, but not frustrating fighter MK9 has u covered whether ur playing online or offline.

Not saying Catherine sucks, the story actually looks great..but the price on this will drop FAST.

radphil2475d ago


It's longer. If it's the pre-patch difficulty, it's 100+.

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MEsoJD2474d ago

Is the IGN hate band wagon over at last?

-Alpha2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Japanese games <3
Refreshing experiences <3
Story driven plot <3

rezzah2475d ago

So true, i tend to enjoy japanese games more than western games. I don't know why, its the gameplay, the story or something. Not trying to downplay western games because they have some very nice games too.

Knuxxx2474d ago

The whole Japanese vs Western games is kind of a silly argument. Honestly you can't say you don't like the first Bioshock or either of the Fallout titles. Even if you hated both what about Mass effect or InFamous? or how bout the more tradition wester story games like Oblivion or Dragon Age?

The same for japanese titles. I'm excited for Catherine, I LOVE No more Heroes and Disgaea. Metal Gear Solid will STAY in my collection of games. Blazblue to this day is the only fighter I play on a daily basis. For that matter I can't bring myself to sell Guilty Gear. I LOVE LoZ the only franchise that hasn't let me down, and Devil May Cry & Ninja Gaiden will always be at the top of the list for my favorite action games

I'm not flaming you but if you enjoy japanese games more than western ones, you need to look more into western ones. There is no way one is better than the other

Why o why2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

both bring different experiences and angles. Neither should be downplayed. Theres room for both. Admittedly most of my early gaming was shaped by the east but im loving what the west does too and cant do without either

Sigh2475d ago

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gotta try demo now. Knew somehow it was gonna be a sleeper hit.

SwampCroc2475d ago

I wouldn't call it a sleeper... it doesn't have any competition on it's launch day... so it should sell extremely well.. I've been followig this game for months now...

Atlus is a pretty recognized company

Lavalamp2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

It shares the same release date with El Shaddai, another game I'm getting, but many might overlook. :(

Edit: Whoops, didn't see your other post below.

kingdavid2474d ago

It probably wont sell well.

Not being released in Europe, niche puzzle gameplay, no shooter elements.

Its not really a game I expect a whole lot of Americans to relate to.

Bull5hifT2474d ago

I Love The Japanese, Greatest Thing Ive Ever seen is this Guy That Goes Around Pulling Down Girls pants and Panties, in some instances hed pull up there shirts over there heads displaying amazing Breast.... I love how the look of Shock on their Faces and how they play it off... Got Me Hard.' Been looking forever for a series of that EPIK DUDE

Minartis2474d ago

....what the hell???!!1

Whitefox7892474d ago

@kingdavid your forgetting there's a huge Atlus fanbase in the U.S.

Gordo7892474d ago

The marketing for this game has been incredibly strong. I don't know how well it will sell, but I think Atlus knows how to sell games, even when they look crazy. Maybe EA could take some lessons from them on how to not have awesome new IPs totally fail in the marketplace.

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Apotheosize2475d ago

Well hopefully now they can start working on the next SMT

majdees2475d ago

Atlus keeps proving that they are the top Japanese dev right now and one of the best devs overall. A day one buy for me!

VampiricDragon2475d ago

they are one of the best. But not the best

majdees2474d ago

That's what I said. One of the best overall.

rezzah2475d ago

I thought they published this game for some developer I don't know about.

Lavalamp2475d ago

Naw it's being developed by Atlus's Persona team.