Starhawk: An Old Plane Flies Once More (Hooked Gamers)

It has been almost four years since Warhawk first came out, and the servers are being kept alive by just a few hundred players, with Playstation owners flocking to newer multiplayer affairs like Black Ops or Uncharted 2. So publisher Sony, and developer Lightbox Interactive (an Austin Texas newcomer whose alumni include those who worked on Warhawk and Twisted Metal), have seen fit to release a new entry in the series, taking it to the next level both literally and figuratively.

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mastershredder2709d ago

I wonder if Starhawk will keep me away from Warhawk. Warhawk is like crack after all and I need my fix.

Pro_Nasty2709d ago

hundred players lol. check there is like 7,000 players daily.

mastershredder2707d ago

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Still plenty of people getting their Warhawk on.